Refrigerator Repair


Refrigerators are hard-working appliances and they are going to break down at some point. There are plenty of times that you are going to need to call in a professional, but then there are things that you can handle yourself as well.

Do-it-yourself repairs can be helpful in saving you money on repair service and time in having to find a good one and waiting for the refrigerator to be repaired. Some do-it-yourself repairs include checking the controls, condenser and power controls, and even certain parts of the hermetic system as well.

One of the most important maintenance processes that you can do on your own is cleaning the condenser coils at least once a year (twice a year is necessary for side-by-side and built-in models). If your refrigerator has black coils on the back, they don't need to be cleaned, but they should be vacuumed regularly. This cleaning process can help to keep your refrigerator running for a long time.

Common Refrigerator Problems

Unusual or Loud Noises

Almost 30% of the calls that we get concerning refrigerators are for ones that are making loud or unusual noises. This problem is commonly due to a fan that has begun to make unusual noises. This will also cause the fridge to stop cooling properly as well.

Not Starting

You will need to check the electronic control board, relay capacitor, and temperature control to make sure that they are all functioning properly. Roughly 18% of the calls we receive are for a refrigerator that won't start.


Around 25% of our customers report a leaking refrigerator. Leaks are commonly caused by ripped or bad gaskets, a bad inlet valve, or a part of the ice maker that is causing water to leak.

Too Warm

Around 6% of the calls that we receive about broken refrigerators are regarding refrigerators that are running too warm. It is likely that the air damper, diffuser, or the baffle are going to need to be replaced in order for the refrigerator to cool properly.

The Fridge and Freezer Are Too Warm

It's one thing if just the fridge is too warm, but it is different if the fridge and freezer are both running too warm. If it is both of them, it is likely going to be linked to a problem with the evaporator fan motor, temperature sensor, or the temperature control switch.

Too Cold

You may find that things in your refrigerator may be freezing and it is too cold in the refrigerator. When this happens, it is because there is an issue with the air inlet damper and the refrigerator is getting too much cold air.

If you have exhausted all of your do-it-yourself options and you can't get the refrigerator to work, give us a call. We service customers in and around the Torrington, CT area and we would be happy to come out and give you a hand. Our experts have the training, experience, and knowledge to take care of any issue that you may be having. Give us a call today.