Oven Repair

Oven Repairs

Picture this: You run home after a long day of work, and you need to prepare some goodies for your child's bake sale. You take out the ingredients and you turn on the oven.... except it doesn't turn on. The light has turned on, but the oven won't heat up.

There's no need to panic! If you live in Torrington, CT, or the surrounding area, Fix it Fast Appliance Repair is here to help! Our team of experienced technicians are certified and have worked with every make and model of oven on the market.

Whether you need help with your cooktop, oven, stove, range or all four, we will get to the root of the problem.

When Do You Involve Us?

If all you need to do to get your oven up and running again is clean out the burner, then there's no reason to call us. However, if one of the parts or elements isn't working, you shouldn't attempt DIY. It's best to leave that to the professionals who can ensure that the repair is carried out effectively, quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Here are some common issues to look out for.

Oven Won't Heat Up

This is a power issue. If the oven is getting power, then the clock and the power lights should be lit up. If they aren't, check the power source. If this doesn't solve the problem, then give us a call and we'll come take a look.

Won't Get to the Right Temperature

All ovens have different hot and cold spots throughout the oven. So naturally, you need to experiment to figure out which tier to cook your food on.

However, if the oven struggles to reach the correct temperature altogether, then that's an issue. This could be traced back to the element, thermostat or sensor.

We'll come in and have a look. We'll even explain how to properly calibrate your machine to avoid this problem.

Door Won't Close

The seriousness of this problem depends on how much the door won't close. If the door can't even reach halfway closed, then the oven is unusable. If the door can close ninety-eight percent of the way and there's only a small space, then you have some time to ignore it. You need to be aware, however, that the internal temperature will fluctuate. You'll have to make up for this by cooking for longer. This will lead to you wasting electricity and gas. This leads to costly expenses. Let us get involved before this gets too serious.

The hinges, gaskets, and springs are usually to blame when a door won't close. If all of these parts are status quo, the sensor that tells the oven that the oven door is closed might need servicing.

These are the most common issues that we come across when dealing with ovens. If you're having issues with your household appliances, call us. We'll get the job done right the first time.