Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Ice in your drink when temperatures peak is one of life's great rewards. This is why an optimally working ice machine is a necessity. If the machine malfunctions, and you're lacking ice, you'll never take these appliances for granted again.

You can easily get in touch with Chief Appliance Repair - the most reputable repair service company in Torrington, CT - and book a consultation today. Our highly skilled team will identify and provide a viable solution, with a simple upfront quote. There are no hidden costs - so you can stress less about getting your freezer fixed.

The team at Chief Appliance Repair are given consistent training to ensure they are always maintaining a high level of skill. No matter the make and model, we have the team to tend to your needs.

Why did it break down?

There is a plethora of reasons why your ice maker could malfunction. Selected parts, if faulty, can indicate a wide range of issues. This is why there is no single answer to why your appliance is defective.

The filter compartment could be defective, as well as the ejector or water inlet valve. This may need replacement or repair, depending on the damage.

No matter the severity of damage, DIY should never be an option for ice machines. Undertaking these sorts of repairs comes with it major risks, especially without proper training and qualifications.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice maker is defective

When the ice bin is full; the control arm activates. Prior to contact us, ensure that this feature is not paused for any reason. If it happens to be, you can change this manually. If the issue persists, there may be a fault in relation to any of the filter, inlet valve, or waterline - these may need replacing.

No ice but machine is working

If your ice maker is failing to create ice, the water line may be congested with frost. If there is still an issue with water not running, or it does not look normal, contact us now. You'll be able to notice this issue early in its lifecycle if you're not getting the optimal amount of ice cubes.


If your machine is in-built, it may cause leakages within the fridge, and if it's a solitary appliance, you will notice leakages on the floor. Ensuring your fridge is level will hopefully resurrect the concern. Additionally, confirm the fill tray is perfectly level with the shaft. If alignment isn't perfect, it's a good time to call us.

Ignoring leakages may cause bigger issues for your machine - it can also damage the household itself.

Should I consider a replacement?

Ice machines aren't designed for long lifespans. Despite proper attention to care, an ice maker should only last around 5 years. If it exceeds this, breakdowns should be expected, as well as worn parts.

Ensure your drinks stay chilled with Chief Appliance Repair of Torrington.