Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

If there's an issue with your freezer, your first thought may be to buy a replacement. Though, you would be better suited to saving your money and hiring a professional to repair the fault.

The team at Chief Appliance Repair is indebted to your freezer needs. A wholesome inspection on your freezer will allow us to repair any faults or malfunctions. Our team of educated professional are we versed in a range of models and brands.

Signs You Need Freezer Repair

The freezer is too cold

In order to keep your food frozen, your freezer needs to correctly cool. Though, if it's too cold, you could risk an ice buildup or even frost. If you have an icy freezer but its noticeably warm, you probably have an issue with the defrost heater.

Our team will be able to assess the defrosting mechanism to determine where the defective is originated from and work on a solution.

The freezer isn't sufficiently cold

Higher administrations stipulate freezer temperatures should be placed at 0 degrees. Any temperature exceeding this could ruin your food. Food that is too warm can enact the growth of bacteria, increasing the risk of disease.

If you think your freezer is too warn, ensure the settings are sufficiently set. Certain freezers will have a thermometer in-built to easily monitor temperature control. If there's no thermometer, it might be smart to purchase one.

Get in touch if everything seems okay but you can't quite pinpoint the issue, our team is here to help.

There's frost inside your freezer

There is always minor frost appearance in a freezer. However, if there's a major build-up, there could be something wrong. There are many issues that can be attributed to this, some of which include tubing concerns, broken seals and doors being left open for long periods.

The accessibility of warm air into the freezer is a cause for concern and will attribute to frost build-up. When drainage tubes become frozen, moisture is unable to leave the interior, causing frost.

The freezer just won't turn on

When a freezer won't run, there are many causes. Prior to calling us, ensure there is sufficient power supply to the unit. Also check the freezer is correctly connected to power, as well as having a supply of electricity.

Issues with the power outlets should be a job left for experts. However, if the outlet continues working as normal, but the freezer won't start, there is probably an issue within the machine itself. This may include the thermostat, compressor, or defrost timer.

A professional will be able to assist you with assessing the freezer and diagnosing the concern.

Call Chief Appliance Repair of Torrington, CT

No matter the care taken, freezers come with problems. If you have a broken freezer, get in touch to chat with one of our caring repair technicians. We guarantee you'll have a working freezer in no time at all!

You'll be given the highest-quality care, from start to finish, no fuss involved!