Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are handy when your dishes pile up and you just don't have the time or willpower to do them by hand. However, when it stops working and you don't have time to clean up the mess, it can cause great stress. Now comes the good news.

We can offer a range of services that not only pinpoint the issues with your machine but also inform you of how to prevent them as well as do routine maintenances and repairs for simpler jobs.

Our dishwasher technicians will walk you through the diagnostic process and keep you knowledgeable on best practices. Normal maintenance to keep your appliance is something we always recommend and offer throughout the year no matter rain or shine.

Dishwasher issues that happen most frequently

Glass dishes that are cloudy. Dishes that are clouded show oversight by not rinsing thoroughly before loading (we've all been there don't worry) or not using softened water. Contacting us ASAP can help you notice the problem immediately and have the knowledge to avoid it going forward.

The dishes are still dirty. The thoroughness of the wash cycle can be affected by a drying apparatus malfunctioning; a pump assembly being worn; spray armholes being impeded or a spray arm. Our experts are only a call away to ameliorate your issues.

The low constant sound of the washer before it shuts down. If your dishwasher hums before turning off, it mostly means you need to replace the motor.

Long wash cycles. Your machine running for a long time may signify that the cycles are struggling to complete. This is probably from a wonky thermostat or bad timer.

Dishwasher not filling properly. An immutable overflow switch, a malfunctioning timer, defective water inlet solenoid or a failed valve

Improper draining. An overused impeller, clogged drain or bad solenoid are a few reasons why your drain won't empty.

A dishwasher that leaks. A leaking motor pump or assembly, worn-out door gaskets or worn spray arm assemblies are usually the common suspects. Using the wrong soap or too much of it can also cause a lot of leaking.

Doing it Yourself

Not all dishwasher parts need to be replaced when they aren't working. Some can be repaired but repairs are tricky. If you're not careful with what you're doing or have a poor technician then it can cause more damage to the machine and incur more costs and possible replacement regardless over time.

The dishwasher is connected to an aquatic and electrical apparatus. This means they must be taken into account while considering malfunctioning issues. Before any sort of repair takes place please ensure that the unit is completely turned off and disconnected from any sort of water or electrical supply.


Chief Appliance Repair are experts in repairing appliances with top tier customer service. They are household names in the dishwasher repair space. Upon first contact, they try to diagnose the issue and offer solutions before even having one of their techs come in to see for themselves.

Based on the diagnosis they offer options of replacement or repair and leave the decision entirely up to the customer. Honesty and affordability are what have kept them in service this long and it won't be changing anytime soon.

Appointments at night and on weekends ensure that your ability to earn an income isn't aggravated by a pesky dishwasher and works on your schedule and convenience.

Tutorials by polished veterans as well as word of mouth are some of the reasons why they've been a trusted brand for so long.