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Appliance Brands

Even appliances made by the most trusted and popular manufacturers are going to break and need repair at some point. If you live in or around the Torrington, CT area, the professionals at Chief Appliance Repair can get your appliance back in business.


Homes have been using GE appliances for over a hundred years. Over that time, they have set themselves as one of the best brands because of their useful innovations. There are three different lines that GE offers: the CAFE, GO, and MONOGRAM lines. Each of them has their own, what GE likes to call, “personality.”


LG is a manufacturer that prides itself on reliability and advanced innovations. LG offers a wide range of appliances, but their washers and dryers are the creams of their crops. Their kitchen appliances are great machines as they have been found to be one of the least services brands out there.


Maytag's claim to fame is on the reliability of their machines and the service they offer their customers. Every one of their appliances comes with a limited 10-year warranty. Maytag has created a brand that they stand behind and have the support (in parts and service) to back it up.


Frigidaire is best known for its refrigerators. Their affordable prices and basic designs make them a top choice for many shoppers. Their refrigerators are so good that they are consistently ranked by Consumer Reports as a top brand for reliability and affordability.


Not only is Samsung a top electronics brand in the US, but it is also a top appliance brand as well. They use their expertise in electronics to enhance their appliances by allowing Samsung appliances and electronics (like their smartphones) to link. This allows the user to control the appliances from their phones. They are a top brand in the US for aesthetics and capacity as well.


After being in business for over 150 years, Bosch has created a great reputation for themselves. They are known for their customer service and product support, as well as their great dishwashers. They have also set themselves apart by introducing features that are purely meant to make life a little more convenient.


Kenmore has a line of appliances that includes any type of appliance you could imagine. Their refrigerators are what they are best known for and they are consistently ranked as one of the top refrigerator brands by a number of different consumer magazines. Reliability, innovation, and great looking products are how Kenmore is always spoken of highly.


Viking is a branch of the Middleby commercial appliance manufacturer. Middleby appliances are found in restaurant kitchens all over the world and now their Viking brand is drawing off of that same reliability and quality. The Viking brand brings commercial grade and quality into homes.

No matter what brand of the appliance(s) you may have in your home, we can help you with all of your needs. If you need help with one of your appliances in or around the Torrington, CT area, call Chief Appliance Repair today.